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January 9, 2018

52 Years of Small Ship Cruising. Why Blount?

From an early age, Luther H. Blount, founder of Blount Small Ship Adventures, loved to explore new places and rediscover familiar favorites from a brand new perspective. This sense of adventure led him to found the company in 1966, with a goal to take travel lovers on authentic, unscripted journeys to new and exciting destinations they might otherwise never see. He wanted to share the sense of wonder that he had so often experienced at the helm of a small and nimble ship. He wanted to take fellow adventurers where the bigger cruise ships could not go.

Today, these values remain the core of Blount Small Ship Adventures’ mission: to sail the waters less traveled. Thanks to Luther Blount’s inventions and innovations in ship design, the company’s small ships can anchor and dock in unforgettable destinations where larger ships simply cannot go, granting access to hidden treasures often out of reach on traditional cruises.

Blount’s unique vessels boast a shallow draft, allowing the ships to dock on shallow river banks and secluded coves. The company’s signature “bow ramp” invites travelers to step directly from the ship to the shores of quiet beaches and isolated inlets, without standing in line in the shadow of a huge cruise ship, and begin exploring immediately. Each vessel features a retractable pilot house,  which allows the ships to slip gently beneath the low bridges of places like the Erie Canal, as Blount is the only overnight cruise vessel to transit the Erie Canal and then majestically rise back to full height.

Every Blount cruise itinerary is designed to turn a regular voyage into a true adventure. Sail down centuries-old rivers as carved wooden canoes drift alongside. Watch for whales on Canada’s Saguenay River, and admire majestic castles in New York’s breathtaking Thousand Islands region. At every port of call, meet and mingle with the locals, not at a souvenir shop on a crowded pier, but in their own neighborhoods and the beloved places they call home.


When you sail with Blount, you’ll always experience an ideal mix of adventure and relaxation. Every voyage is enveloped in a welcoming atmosphere similar to sailing on a friend’s yacht. With a casual setting and a maximum of 84 passengers per cruise, you’ll enjoy cruising in comfort, without crowds or long lines. The friendly staff considers all guests to be part of the Blount family, treating travelers with warmth and hospitality and working to ensure your enjoyment throughout the entirety of your voyage. Chef-prepared meals are served in the single serve dining room, with complimentary house wine and beer at lunch and dinner. The sunny main deck and the Vista View Lounge offer picturesque seascapes and photo opportunities. Onboard historians, destination experts, and lecturers deliver local expertise, bringing the destinations to life in a unique and personal way, and live music onboard the ship is a festive part of every Blount voyage.


When you see the world on a small ship, you stop being a tourist, and become an explorer. Whatever your sense of adventure, Blount Small Ship Adventure will always help you experience an unforgettable voyage and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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