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February 13, 2017

Under The Radar: Georgetown, SC

Georgetown, ranked the third oldest city in South Carolina, is widely accepted as the probable site of the first European settlements at the center of early American history. Located between Charlestown and Myrtle Beach, this charming community is filled with historic buildings and sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places and often recognized for their museums and walking ghost tours.

Georgetown is noted as one of the most haunted small towns on the Southeast Coast. Ghost tours are usually offered during the nighttime and can be a spooky and exciting way to learn about the legends and shadows within the town.


There are four museums in this city: the Georgetown County Museum, the SC Maritime Museum, the Kaminski House Museum and the Rice Museum. The Georgetown County Museum captures the city’s overall cultural history through documents and artifacts and the SC Maritime Museum celebrates the maritime history of South Carolina and Georgetown. The Kaminski House Museum is full of antiques, architecture and rich South Carolina history.

Georgetown, SC By The Water

The Rice Museum tells the story of Georgetown as one point in time one of the world’s top rice manufacturers. Indigo plants used to create wealth in the area until prices dropped and it became a land of rice cultivation. By 1840, this district produced about half of the rice in the United States and its rice port exported more rice than anywhere else in the world. For over a century, rice brought in loads of money to Georgetown’s economy; however, after the Civil War many rice crops were destroyed by hurricanes and the city’s production couldn’t compete with others in the rice trade industry. In the museum gift shop, visitors can pick up their very own bag of rice to bring home.

Blount’s Charleston to Warren Cruise visits this small, yet special town along the coast. Just one of the many ports passengers are able to explore on Blount cruises that navigate waterways and explore ports that the big ships do not.

Authored by Rachel Lombardi

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