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August 25, 2016

The Ghosts & Legends of Beaufort, NC

In a town that was once bustling with pirates, Beaufort, NC is now famous for their tales of ghosts and adventures of the past. With a rich history as the third oldest town in North Carolina, “Fishtowne” as it was once named, was known in the early 1700’s for their reputation of being a large port for England to bring goods to the colonies. 

Small Ship Cruising Beaufort

This small town, widely known for their great port, led them to be discovered by many undesirable men of the sea in the 1700’s: pirates. One pirate in particular that infamously traveled to Beaufort is the one and only Blackbeard. The story goes that Blackbeard had his headquarters in Beaufort, in a home that many believe is now haunted, known as the Hammock House. Pirates began to run so rampant within Beaufort that the government commissioned military forts to defend against them entering the borders! It was those forts in Beaufort’s back yard, in fact, that caused the town to play such a large part in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. This tangled history of pirates, the military, and spirits are all tales that are represented in the town’s identity today.

Small Ship Cruising Beaufort



Today, Beaufort embraces its past and all of their proverbial ghosts in the closet (and any real ghosts in the closet) with their famous ghost walks. The ghost walk meets at dusk and explores the historic neighborhoods to tell the haunting tales of spirits. The walk visits centuries old cemeteries to hear of their inhabitants and all of their blunders and misfortunes as well as Blackbeard’s famed Hammock House. As the oldest house in Beaufort, and the home where Blackbeard stayed for 18 years, the famed home is steeped in legend and speculation. Many people over the centuries met their fate in Hammock House. Tourists today continue to revel in this urban legend when they visit the small town of Beaufort.

By Rachel Kampersal 

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The Hammock House was built in 1800 by schoolmaster Samuel Leffers. The legends of Blackbeard are just tall tales.
Mary Warshaw
March 3, 2018 2:45:42 PM
no way dude, you SAW a ghost OMG HOW!!!
October 20, 2017 9:04:26 AM
Hi all…………I have the gift of the 6th sense………so I am atuned to some things that others aren’t….I’ve been to Beaufort twice and love it…and I’ve seen one ghost and felt another on the ghost tour. Two years ago the guide stopped us at the old abandoned home owned by the 2 brothers who can’t decide what to do with it…he was telling about the man who fell off the roof to his death and how the neighbors still hear hammering and I happened to look straight up into the clear night sky and there was the ghost – a milky whispy form silently floating over our heads and onto the roof – I didn’t say anything because it would have been on the roof by the time anyone else looked up so I kept it to myself……..Two weeks ago I was in Beaufort again, went on the ghost tour – The woman story teller was horrible and ought to be fired lol! But on the way to the same old house (I was at the back of the group) I slowed down because there was someone behind me and I figured they probably wanted to catch up with the rest of their party so I turned around and saw nothing but there was definitely someone trailing our group. I LOVE BEAUFORT (:
August 28, 2016 10:25:35 AM

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