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March 22, 2018

The Classic New England Clam Bake 

The traditional meal dates back more than 2,000 years in time when Native Americans cooked fresh clams and seafood in sand pits on the beach using hot rocks for heat and wet seaweed as a method of steaming. When the Pilgrims arrived, they learned about the native tradition and picked up the technique of clambaking. From then on, the tradition was passed down generation to generation. The indigenous method of cooking is still used today - clams, lobsters, and other seafood and vegetables are cooked over a fire or heat source in a large container with seaweed, seawater, and a large covering for the container to trap heat inside.

Mouthwatering Ingredients:

  • Mussels and crabs
  • Potatoes, onions, carrots, and corn
  • Steamed lobster and clams with butter and freshly cut lemons

Why They're Awesome:

  • Clambakes have very laid back vibe, so wear something casual and comfortable
  • They usually occur on or by the beach
  • Everything is cooked right in front of you




Clambakes are a popular way to enjoy the taste of seafood in the summertime, whether it’s by the beach or in your own backyard. Experience an old-fashioned Yankee clam and lobster bake, a private event included in Blount’s New England itineraries.

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