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November 21, 2016

 Thankful for 50 Years

& the friends who have joined us along the way

Concluding our 50th year in business, we are thankful for the captains, cruise directors, chefs and crew who have served us since 1966. But most importantly, we are thankful for our travelers, people have become part of our family, cruising with us year after year. We thank you for all memories you have shared with us and welcome you aboard our vessel in 2017.


Thankful for...

Being A Family At Sea

What started as a family motto turned into a guiding principle for the business and for our family of cruisers. Luther Blount used to say "I want people to feel like they are cruising on a friend's yacht." To this day, a casual atmosphere where good food, fun entertainment, interesting activities and camaraderie remains our top priority.


Having A Never-ending Curiosity Within Us

Luther Blount was an engineer by schooling but a passionate adventurer at heart; and he combined these two things with his love of being out on the water. We take pride in continuing to find unique waterways and interesting destinations off the beaten path that we can explore together.



Disconnecting To Create The Best Connections

Truly getting away means disconnecting at times. We love when our travelers put down their phones, put away their tablets and engage in good old conversation. Immersion in the world around us creates connections with the people in our lives.



Never Forgetting Our Roots

Our heritage is something we not only take pride in, but we gain strength from. From family values to our Rhode Island roots, we believe that relationships and experiences are at the center of it all.

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