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June 27, 2018

The Rossmoor Travel Club

 Savannah to Baltimore Cruise


Group Travel with Blount

Twelve members of The Rossmoor Travel Club have recently returned from a lovely cruise along the South Atlantic seaboard, traveling and seeing the sights from Savannah, Georgia to Baltimore, Maryland. Most travelers arrived into Savannah a day or two before departure in order to enjoy the beauty and historical significance of that city. There was time for a city tour, walks on the many squares and visits to historical homes.

Once the cruise departed, the first stop was Beaufort, South Carolina, a town rich in history and charm. Some of us walked and others took a carriage tour through Beaufort’s elegant neighborhoods of antebellum homes, historic churches, movie sites and more. A few of us had the time to take a taxi out to the Museum of Gullah culture and to explore that unique society of the people who have preserved more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African-American community in the U.S.

Our next stop was lovely Charleston, South Carolina, where many of us joined a tour of that 300 year old city, experiencing the Old Market area as well as the many historic homes and churches. The culmination of this visit was a cruise to historic Fort Sumter “where the Civil War” began.” Our final stop in South Carolina was Georgetown, another interesting southern town to enjoy on a warm spring day.

Our ship continued up the coast to picturesque Beaufort, North Carolina where we could see the wild horses romping on the nearby islands as we approached the harbor. While in Beaufort, some of our group took a backstage tour of the North.

After a day long cruise on the inland waterways of Virginia, we docked in Norfolk, Virginia, home of the Norfolk Naval Base. We were within easy distance of the Nauticus, the Battleship Wisconsin and the MacArthur Memorial. 

Some of us explored the military history of the area; others of us explored stately homes like The Hague, the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Moses Myers House. One small group even headed out to see Williamsburg, Virginia, about 90 minutes away. All of us enjoyed the stop. Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Others took small boats out to one of the islands to hike and explore the wetlands.

A very warm spring day found us arriving at Yorktown, Virginia where the final battle of the American Revolution was fought. Many of us visited the Yorktown National Battlefield and the American Revolution Museum, guided by our very able onboard historian John Quarstein. Others of us walked the streets of Yorktown admiring the colonial homes still standing there complete with historical markers proclaiming their significance. 

Many people rightly associate Annapolis, Maryland with the United States Naval Academy. It is also the Maryland state capital. But who knew it was such a delightful town in its own right, a pleasure to stroll through its historical and business districts? For several of us, Annapolis became a favorite town of the trip!

After 11 days, the ship reached its final destination of Baltimore, where passengers had a last day and evening of sightseeing before disembarkation. Many in the group took advantage of its proximity to Washington, D.C. to enjoy a day long tour of the nation’s capital. Others took the time to see the Railroad Museum in Baltimore or to visit the Fort McHenry National Monument, where Francis Scott Keys wrote the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” after a battle in the War of 1812. It was a wonderful final day of the trip.Our Blount cruise was on a small ship, and only 56 passengers were aboard this particular cruise. Our group of twelve from The agenda, the abundant and delicious food, and the friendliness of the crew. The only question remaining at the end of the cruise was, “Where are we going next?” Rossmoor Travel Club thoroughly enjoyed their time aboard, noting the nicely paced 

Joyce D. Rodgers
TRTC Facilitator of the Blount trip

View our 2020 Savannah to Baltimore cruise here


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