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Guests Requiring Special Assistance 

In order to provide the best and safest possible service, guests who require special assistance should inform us at time of reservation. BSSA ships are not equipped with elevators, however for those travelers who may find it helpful, stair lifts are available for use on all decks of the vessel. All BSSA vessels were constructed in accordance with USCG and SOLAS regulations for the safety of passengers. In order to safely navigate the vessel, passengers must have the ability to walk up steep gangways, step over thresholds and open doors. Gangway navigation requires the ability to hold onto both sides of the railings and walk up varying inclines, some of which can be steeper than others based on tides and location.


Fold up wheelchairs may be brought for use ashore but prior arrangements with our office should be made. A collapsible one for storage purposes is easier. Because of their size, scooters are not recommended for our boats. Operating wheelchairs and scooters aboard is not feasible. 


Handrails are available for use in cabin bathrooms as well as the shower stalls. You may also find helpful handrails along the hallway of the sun deck. 

Use of Oxygen

For any passenger who is in need of oxygen during their cruise, they must either bring the oxygen with them or have the oxygen delivered to the ship. This is a hazardous material therefore the ship needs to know ahead of time if a passenger is intent upon bringing it. 


If a passenger needs to have medication refrigerated or stored for them the Cruise Director will do so. If possible, at time of booking when asked the question about "health or dietary needs," the passenger should state their medical needs about refrigeration or storage. 

BSSA recommends that individuals requiring aid are accompanied by a companion who is capable and responsible for providing any special assistance. Due to the limitation of medical facilities, guests with medical conditions should consult their physician to determine whether travel is appropriate. Guests should also carefully review their insurance policies to determine whether the cost of treatment occurring onboard the vessel or while traveling is covered. 

Our friendly crew is always willing to offer a helping hand to any passenger onboard. We do our best to cater to the needs of each and every passenger, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cruising experience. Any additional questions should contact our reservations departments at 800-556-7450. 


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