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About Blount Small Ship Adventures

Blount Small Ship Adventures, the original small ship adventure cruise-line, is celebrating 51 years in business in 2017 and was voted #3 River Cruise Line by USA Today 10Best Readers' Choice. Headquartered in Warren, RI, BSSA has long prided itself on offering a casual cruising environment for travelers who want to go where the big ships cannot. Built on a tradition of adventure, the company’s founder Luther Blount, a prolific inventor and shipbuilder, began building boats in 1947 and then personally delivered them around the globe discovering adventure along the way. In 1966, Luther decided that he wanted to show his friends and family all of the incredible destinations he’d been exploring, so he began building passenger boats.

With the mind of an engineer and the heart of an explorer, Luther built unique boats with patented features such as retractable pilothouses and bow ramps that allowed passengers to go from ship to shore. He later coined the term “small ship cruising”. His ships were built for the purpose of taking travelers through the nooks and crannies of a place, going where the other couldn’t. He created itineraries for explorers, for those who wanted to tread lightly, going beyond the usual tourist meccas finding experiences you can only have when you get to know a place through its people.

Today, Luther’s daughter Nancy is at the helm of Blount Small Ship Adventures, as President of the company. His two other daughters Marcia and Julie are President and Vice President of Blount Boats. BSSA owns two 83-passenger vessels and takes travelers through unique waterways to destinations throughout the US, Canada, and the Eastern Caribbean. Sailing with Blount means navigating the waters less traveled in a personal, uncrowded way. It’s going places that are inaccessible to larger cruise ships, docking where private yachts dock, and getting away from manufactured experiences. On a Blount cruise, you’ll never stand in line or feel lost in the crowd. With only 83 passengers, every cruise experience feels exclusive and personal.

Blount Distinctions

•Sailing with no more than 83 passengers means a personal, uncrowded journey
•50 years of experience in small ship cruising and expert boat building
•Different by design – because of the way they are built, Blount boats take you where others cannot
•Many domestic US ports to depart from, allows for easy access by train, automobile or plane
•Locally inspired, delicious cuisine
•An informal and casual cruising experience – Like Cruising on Your Friend’s Yacht
•Air-conditioned cabins with individual climate control
•Onboard lectures bring destinations to life
•Bikes and kayaks available on most cruises
•A unique BYOB policy and complimentary mixers allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages while avoiding high bar tabs
•Free wine and beer with lunch and dinner
•Exclusive Signature Series adventures provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences
•Professional and friendly all-American crew


Different by Design

The exclusive design of the Grande Caribe and Grande Mariner gives travelers a unique and unparalleled small ship cruising experience. Blount ships have been built with the purpose of bringing travelers to places that larger ships simply cannot go. They dock where private yachts do, explore remote islands and traverse the scenic beauty of waterways like the Erie Canal and St. Lawrence Seaway. Luther Blount, an engineer by education and an adventurer at heart, patented unique features like retractable pilot houses and bow ramps just so his passengers could go where others could not. Going to places like the Erie Canal, where even today Blount is the only overnight vessel able to navigate this waterway, became a signature for the company. View the spectacular natural scenery and gentle waves through extra-large windows in all the public spaces and enjoy lectures and socializing in the lounge with 180-degree visibility. Luther created itineraries for explorers; for those who wanted to tread lightly and experience something unique.

Like Cruising on Your Friend’s Yacht

“Curious. Casual. Adventurous.” That’s how our passengers describe themselves. And when you cruise with Blount, there’s just 80 or so other travelers with you. They too are looking for something more personal than what large ships offer. A casual cruising environment, our welcoming atmosphere and some of the friendliest staff and crew in the business, make sailing with Blount feel like cruising on your friend’s yacht. Dine with new friends on delicious chef-prepared meals featuring the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Relax on the top deck and then unwind from your adventures in your comfortable and welcoming cabin with private bath. And just like traveling with friends, there’s a great balance of organized activity and free time to explore on your own using our on-board kayaks, bikes or snorkel equipment.

Feel Like a Local

There’s something about small ship cruising that brings out the explorer in you. Go beyond the usual tourist meccas and find the kinds of experiences you can only have when you truly get to know a place and its people. It starts the moment you slip into your first port. You notice these places aren’t bracing themselves for a rush of tourists. You’ll meet the locals on their streets, not at a souvenir booth on a crowded port. And, you’ll see the beauty of a place, whether swaying trees or rising buildings…It’s the kind of beauty a local sees in the places they call home.


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