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Authored by Kerri Fitzgerald
October 23, 2017


Mackinac Island, Michigan & Why it's Worth a Visit 


With over 300 years of history and showcasing as many years of outstanding American architectural gems, when you step off the boat in Mackinac Island you take a step back in time. With transportation limited to horse and buggy, bicycle or foot, and surrounded by clear, blue Great Lakes waters, the island is a historic escape from a fast-paced, hectic world. 

Mackinac Island - Small Ship Cruise

Feel the excitement and explore the impressive history of this magical island -- named of the the Top 10 Islands in the World by Conde Nast Traveler!

Passengers - Small Ship Cruise

 On our round-trip cruise from Chicago we have bikes available if you are interested in exploring the island on your own. If not, enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride from our vessel to the famous Grand Hotel - trust us, it's worth the trip! 

Lake Michigan - Small Ship Cruise

You might recognize this hotel from the 1980's movie "Somewhere in Time" starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. This hotel has hosed numerous presidents, celebrities and curious travelers throughout the last 120 years. Experience the hotel's famous white rocking chairs and take in the view from the extravagant porch. After, marvel at the hotel's interior decor while sipping on an afternoon tea!

Mackinac Island - Small Ship Cruise

A geologic wonder, Arch Rock played a significant role in the development of Mackinac National Park. The arch is made of natural limestone formed during the Nipissing post-glacial period, a period of high Lake Huron levels following the end of the Wisconsin glaciation. Pay a visit to Arch Rock during an optional carriage tour organized by BSSA.

  Downtown Mackinac | Small Ship Adventure

Mackinac Island has much to offer. Enjoy beautiful vistas and shopping during the day and watch the city transform at night. When you step off Blount's ship, you will feel as if you are living in a Victorian village.

So, is visiting Mackinac Island, Michigan on your list?

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