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June 14, 2016

WAVEJourney.com is a women's online travel magazine that provides valuable first-hand travel tips, tales, steals and deals to a world-wide audience. Here they blog about our Outer Bahamian Islands cruise and our Blount's Naturalist Guide, Luz Hunter.          

Luz Hunter - Naturalist Guide at Blount Small Ship Adventures 

By WaveJourney.com 

WAVEJourney sailed the Outer Bahamian Islands with Blount Small Ship Adventures in March 2016. This 12-day adventure introduced us to the amazing waters of The Bahamas. Blount is a family-owned business that knows how to put special touches in place to make their unique cruises extraordinary. One of those bonus features was the on-board Naturalist Guide ~ the amazing and effervescent Luz Hunter. We had high hopes for our cruise with Blount Small Ship Adventures and they delivered big time in the Naturalist Guide department.

Luz (pronounced like “loose”), a highly respected naturalist from Belize, has been at the forefront of environmental issues in her home country for decades. Passionate about being a good steward of our planet earth, Luz has been dubbed an Eco-warrior. We however, witnessed her non-warrior gentle spirit as she guided and educated us on this incredible cruise. With over 15 years working for Blount, she actively engaged with the guests and was always at the ready to answer questions.

Luz Hunter

The passenger count on our cruise was just 46, so we had ample opportunities to spend time with Luz. Incredibly humble and sporting an ever present smile, she is a walking, talking guidebook for all things Mother Nature. There wasn't a subject she couldn't hold her own on, from the history of the area to culture and wildlife. Her knowledge was complemented with her keen sense of observation.

Passengers on our glass bottomed boat

Luz guided us on snorkeling outings, pointing out and naming all the colorful fish and coral. On hikes she shared her knowledge in a way that made learning fun and fascinating. With such respect for the natural surroundings, she impressed upon us that it is a privilege to experience the flora and fauna – to observe, not disturb.

On Compass Cay in the Exumas, Luz took an interested group of passengers on a short stroll along the boardwalk and pathway to explore the mangrove wetland. She pointed out the differences in the types of mangroves and the importance of this biologically productive marine ecosystem.

Luz with Passengers

An integral key to this trip for us was having such a knowledgeable Naturalist Guide on-board. Often times when we travel, we think about all the cool things we are going to see, but overlook who exactly is going to be pointing all those cool things out. Luz certainly made this trip a success with her extensive background, great communication skills, storytelling, patience and humor.

Author and educator Steve Van Matre writes:

“Falling in love with the earth is one of life's great adventures. It is an affair of the heart like no other; a rapturous experience that remains endlessly repeatable throughout life. This is no fleeting romance, it's an uncommon affair, one unconstrained by age or custom, and strengthened rather than diminished through sharing. The more one gives it away, the stronger it grows.”

Our experience with Blount Small Ship Adventures was enriched by Luz Hunter and her affair of the heart with Mother Nature which she so willingly shared.

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I have been on two Blount Belize cruises with Luz. No words can do justice to what a remarkable woman she is and the asset she is to the Blount cruise experience.
Trudy stolte
July 19, 2016 11:28:38 AM

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