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February 3, 2017

Exploring The Thousand Islands: Waterways and Attractions

The Thousand Islands stretch 48 miles down the Saint Lawrence River between the United States and Canada. The area comes with a rich history; the battle between the United States and British Empire during the War of 1812 took place in the 1000 Island region. The Islands became a popular vacation spot during the late 19th and early 20th centuries for the wealthy and famed. Luxurious hotels and boat tours on the water attracted these first vacationers to the island.

Thousand Islands Views

The islands range from tiny uninhabited masses of land of trees and rocks to over 40 square miles of island. Out of 1,864 islands, Wolfe Island, at the entrance of the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario, is the largest of the islands at 48 square miles in area. More than a thousand people live here. There are also lighthouses, mansions and stone castles in addition to historic vacation homes and landmarks on the islands. Another highlight within the islands is the award-winning craft drinks from the growing number of wineries, brewers and vineyards.

The best way to discover and see the beauty of islands and attractions is by cruising through the bays and passages by boat. Why not explore it with Blount? Blount’s Locks, Legends & Canals of the Northeast Cruise offers a wide range of activities and adventures on and off the water among the islands.

Blount passengers will visit the notable Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, where visitors can stop in and see the world’s largest showcase of classic recreational boats. Amid the 300 restored boats, there are wooden speeds boats, canoes and privately owned boats of the former Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and James Garfield.

 Antique Boat Museum in Clayton

The cruise will spend the night in scenic Alexandria Bay, New York with views of the recognized Boldt Castle on Heart Island. Fun fact, George Boldt, who built the castle, is depicted in the two original stories for when the famous Thousand Island dressing was created. Also, the cruise will dock in tiny Dark Island in Chippewa Bay and tour the stately and elegant Singer Castle. Built as a private home in 1905, the mansion was used for rum-running during Prohibition. The trip will continue on to Ogdensburg, NY where passengers will have the option to visit the Frederic Remington Art Museum known for its displays of Remington’s bronze sculptures and oil paintings.

Blount Passenger Snaps Photos of the Islands


When crossing into Canada, Blount passengers will cruise the St. Lawrence Seaway, the gateway from the Atlantic Ocean to the North American Great Lakes. The seaway is a system of locks, canals, and channels dotted with waterfront communities, scenic islands, and amazing wildlife habitats.

Interested in visiting the 1000 Islands on a two-nation cruise with Blount? Visit 2017 Locks, Legends & Canals of the Northeast Cruise.

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