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Work Onboard a Small Ship 

We're always looking for more people with a passion for adventure and a dedication to service. Apply now!

Blount Small Ship Adventures operates a fleet of three specially designed ships, with many different itineraries in Canada, United States and the Caribbean. We operate our ships year round, spending the winter months in the Caribbean and in Central America and the summer months cruising in the United States and Canada. Our ships are cozy and comfortable with an informal atmosphere and relaxed dress code on board. Our itineraries are specially tailored to the active, inquisitive and eco-conscious audience. We choose our crew, guest lectures, outside entertainment and land tours carefully to provide a top-notch vacation to our passengers.

Working onboard is fun, but it is also hard work. The pace is quick, the hours are long, and you can’t go home at the end of the day. And yet every time you walk on deck you are reminded of how far away you are from the mundane nature of a nine-to-five job. If you are looking for an adventurous life style and job and are flexible about tight living quarters and long days, then this is the job for you.

Physical Demands; All vessel positions can be physically demanding. Repetitive motion, bending, climbing and often heavy lifting, are requirements of most vessel positions. Every crew member works varied shifts, which average 12 hours a day, every day while on board.

Uniform/Grooming Standards; At Blount Small Ship Adventures it is important that your attire and personal grooming reflect a positive and professional image. The company has a uniform policy that all crew members need to adhere to.

All positions are required year round. Blount Small Ship Adventures offers employees Full Time employment, Seasonal employment and Fill-in employment. While onboard all crew members will work an average of 12 hours a day.

Position Descriptions


Responsible for overseeing all crew and operations on the vessel to which they are assigned. The Master shall operate the vessel with the safety of the passengers, the crew and the environment foremost in mind. Captains for Blount Small Ship Adventures require both managerial and hands on skills. As a Captain on a Blount Small Ship Adventures vessel, you will assist in the training of crew, the piloting of the vessel itself as well as the smaller vessels of the ship and in inspecting the vessel and its components. Captains are also responsible for interacting with our passengers at certain functions as well as providing narration via the ship’s PA system in certain areas that we travel through.


First Mate:

Supervises, trains and coordinates activities of the deck department. Responsible for assisting in the piloting, navigation, safety, first aid, cleanliness and small boat operations. Responsibilities include training employees, planning, assigning and directing work, appraising performance, rewarding and disciplining employees, addressing complaints and resolving problems.


Responsible for the maintenance, operations and repair of all the vessel’s electrical and mechanical systems onboard ships. Keeps vessels maintenance records and inventories. Makes proposals for maintenance and repair projects.

Cruise Director/Purser:

Responsible for overseeing all staff and functions within the hotel department. Coordinates all passenger activities both on board the vessel and off the vessel in each port and handles public relations for the ship. Manages the shipboard accounting, administrative and clerical duties. Responsible for handling Customs and Immigration for the vessel.


Responsible for all staff and functions within the galley and the coordination of meal service including three guest meals and three crew meals per day. The Chef will coordinate all galley activities in regards to food preparation, inventory, menu planning, preparing the food, cleaning, training, food ordering and storage.

Assistant Chef:

Responsible for preparing and serving meals with the Chef. Primary responsibilities are baking, salad and appetizer preparation and desserts. Maintain proper galley sanitation and safety standards. Bake breads daily, as well as muffins, pastries, etc., for the snack trays and any additional baking that is required by the Chef. Responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in all food storage areas including galley stores and other storage areas. Assist with loading of food stores. Baking experience preferred.


Responsibilities include dining room set-up, service and clean up of all meals. Works in the Galley on a rotating basis washing dishes and general galley clean up. Cleans the guest cabins on a daily basis, including making beds, vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms. Interacting with the passengers on a daily basis must have good customer service skills.


Responsibilities include maintenance of the vessels exterior and interior, which may include painting, sweeping, window washing and vacuuming; Luggage handling, participating in docking and anchoring maneuvers and line handling; Standing Watches (wheel, gangway, deck, fog, anchor)for security purposes; engine room system checks.

Destination Specialist (Onboard):

Blount Small Ship Adventures offers exceptional itineraries and it is the job of the onboard Destination Specialist to enhance guest experiences by sharing interesting facts. Blount Small Ship Adventures welcomes applications from historians, naturalists, and other experienced guides. An ideal presenter enjoys communicating with curious mature intelligent active adults, has above average knowledge on the region of travel, and is well versed and personally motivated. This position often appeals to retired professors and journalists. Openings are scheduled on a per sailing basis and sometimes involve multiple trips.

Ship Photographer

The job of ship photographer is to capture for us the true essence of a Blount Adventure. Photographers are hired for select departures throughout the year and are tasked to give presentations to passengers on photography best practices.  They are also onboard to help passengers with their camera's throughout the trip.  We seek experienced photographers who will be able to provide us with images that highlight each port of call in addition to photographing our passengers and events onboard.  Photography portfolio required. 



  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Our vessels are US registered. Therefore, all shipboard employees must be able to legally work in the United States. (Regretfully we cannot sponsor foreign citizens.)
  • All positions require pre-employment, random, reasonable cause and post accident alcohol and drug testing, as per US Coast Guard and DOT regulations.


We're always looking for more people with a passion for adventure and a dedication to service. If you're interested in getting a front seat to the world view postings here.


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