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November 18, 2019

7 Advantages of Small Ship Cruising

Small ship cruising has been gaining popularity over the past few years and there is no question why...travelers are seeking unique experiences and to create meaningful connections with others. Life onboard a small ship is the perfect combination - travel in small numbers to unique destinations. Read about our 7 advantages of small ship cruising. You might just find that your small ship has come in!


US River Cruise Erie Canal


1. Cruise waterways that the big ships cannot

Small ships are built with the destination in mind.  Elements such a shallow draft and 40' beam make it possible to fit through the tight transit locks of the Erie Canal or pull up on a remote beach in The Bahamas. The design of small ships simply takes you on waterways that big ships can never go!



2. You're more than just a number in the crowd

Small Ship cruising offers a personalized service with high crew to passenger ratio. A few days in, passengers are on a first name basis with the captain and entire crew! Need extra towels? Ask Sarah, not housekeeping. 


Great Lakes Small Ship

3. Avoid crowded ports

Forget crowded ports. Due to their size, small ships have the flexibility to fit in marinas with other yachts and sailboats. Enjoy the ease of disembarkation at port without the hassle of long lines and crowds.


Grande Hotel Mackinac Island

4. Access unique destinations 

Navigation on unique waterways means being able to enjoy sightings of small coastal communities and riverside towns. In the Caribbean, cruise with the natives in canoes and venture into their village to discover more. Small ship cruising  takes you beyond typical tourist traps -- now that's a true adventure!



Small Ship Dining Room

5. No buffet lines or assigned seating

Small Ships typically offer a casual dining room that encourages open seating so that you can meet different passengers during each meal.  Expert chefs prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner serving fresh, creative dishes. 


6. Get closer to a destination and its people

Smaller group tours on small ships are well...smaller! Enjoy authentic cultural experiences without waiting. Take a skiff ride up the Rio Sambu River in Panama or tour a local Cacao farm in Belize...explore the communities along the historic Erie Canal or the small towns of Lake Michigan.



7. Make lifelong friendships

With fewer than 84 passengers onboard, passengers become fast friends. Free time is either spent off the vessel exploring or in the ship's common areas. Create meaningful connections with your fellow, like minded travelers - you may be planning another trip together soon!



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