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February 22, 2017

The Saguenay: Where Belugas Swim Free

The cold salt water at the mouth of The Saguenay River make for the perfect feeding grounds for Beluga whales. The river attracts entire schools of Beluga whales each year, making it one of the best spots for whale watching. The distinctive white color and bulbous forehead of these whales make them easy to spot over the waves of the river.

Beluga Whales Swimming

5 Facts About Beluga Whales:

1. Belugas generally live in groups of 2 to 25, called pods.
2. They feed on fish, squid, crabs, sandworms and other crustaceans.
3. Belugas also related to narwhals, which are whales with a unicorn-like tusk.
4. Belugas are known as “sea canaries” because they are one of the most vocal communicators of all whales.
5. These whales can stay under water for about 25 minutes at depths as great as 800 meters.


Beluga Whales - The Saguenay River

The river is also home to Blue whales, the largest of all whales, seals and sea birds including gannets, skuas, petrels, and puffins. The best way to see the belugas and marine life within the river is by ship; look out and spot the whale giants of the sea on the front deck of Blount’s Grande Caribe. Blount will cruise through the Saguenay River at the peak of the river’s whale-watching season. For more information on The Saguenay Cruise, click here.

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