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Why Cruise With Us?   


The first night on board, the captain usually asks for a show of hands from those passengers who have sailed with the line before. The response is always overwhelming, and tends to leave the first timer stunned. For no matter how they might have heard about us, whether through friends, an ad or an article, they immediately wonder what could possible be the reason so very many people repeat the Blount Small Ship experience.

It's true that our ships are cozy and comfortable and that their size helps create a feeling of warmth. We choose our chefs and the quality of food carefully, so the meals are indeed delicious. Our crew, our programs, guest lecturers and outside entertainment always receive accolades. Passengers seem to love the BYOB policy as well as dedication to keep on-board expenses to practically nothing. Our itineraries are unique and very specially tailored to active, inquisitive, eco-conscious audience. These things alone might encourage people to book again, but they in themselves are certainly not impetus enough for passengers to be taking a fifth, tenth or twentieth cruise on a Blount Small Ship vessel.

Humbling as it might be, after over 50 years in the industry we've finally reached the obvious conclusion - passengers are drawn to our phenomenon of small ship cruising because they enjoy the camaraderie of the other passengers. Something takes place on our ships, something between the passenger themselves, something immediate yet enduring between strangers that makes the cruise work for everyone. 



Each person almost immediately seems to establish an incredible rapport with the rest of our vacationers, and it lasts throughout the entire cruise. 

The man who owns a local drugstore in Manchester

The woman from Texas with a masters in engineering

The 84 year old couple who never leave their snorkeling equipment behind

The 40 year old couple determined to win the cruise game night

The woman from Hawaii

The retired Navy man who savors every second spent with the captain

The man who hates cruising ("but these ships are different")


So, why us? The answer is, our passengers and crew are the proudest of our heritage. And enjoy the amenities as well. We have a feeling that within year, if this is your first BSSA cruise, your hand will be raised with the rest of the passengers on the first night of your second cruise. View our cruises.



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