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 Meet The Crew

When you cruise with Blount, your crew is more than just people in uniforms. They're spirited explorers, just like you.
So, why not take a moment, and meet a few of the people that make Blount Small Ship Adventures so unique?


Name: Dave Sylvaria
Title: Fleet Captain
Years Sailing with Blount: 20 years

"During my time with Blount I have had the opportunity to serve in every capacity aboard our Blount vessels and have traveled to all of our destinations. There is a part of every cruise that I would consider a favorite. Sailing by the Gateway Arch or the Statue of Liberty, visiting great cities like Chicago, New Orleans, Charleston, and Savannah or a bow landing on a remote tropical island. Working as both the fleet captain and as a captain aboard various cruises each year, I really enjoy taking passengers on unique adventures, exploring new and exciting destinations and sharing the history of the waterways and places that we visit." 



Name: John Hunnewell
Title: Captain
Years Sailing with Blount: 30 years

"As a Captain, I especially love the places only Blount can take travelers. Even after 30 years, it's still exciting to navigate the waterways that our ships are specifically designed to go through in order to reach off the beaten track destinations, I also love the great people who travel with us- they are curious, interesting and adventurous. My favorite trips include New York to Montreal, for the changing scenery, rich history and differences in culture and language. And the Bahamas for some of the best beaches and clearest water in the world. I've had so many great experiences with guests over the years, and it makes me happy to see many of the same smiling faces return time after time."


Name: Lisa Pontarelli
Title: Cruise Director
Years Sailing with Blount: 10 years

"Being a cruise director isn't a job, it's my passion. I truly am living the dream with my floating office, entering into different ports of call. My favorite trip has to be traversing the St. Lawrence Seaway from New York City to Montreal in the fall. Witnessing the colors and smells of the changing season, experiencing history-rich places like Quebec City and Montreal, and the spectacular views of the Thousand Islands region. I have met so many extraordinary Blount travelers over the years and feel blessed to have been able to share a laugh or two with them on the adventure of a lifetime."




Name: Donavan McGinnis
Title: Chef
Years Sailing with Blount: 9 years 

"What I like about working for Blount is that it's a small and family oriented business, much different from the fast paced restaurants and celebrity establishments that I've worked with in the past. I enjoy the friendly, laidback atmosphere of the ship and interacting with the passengers one-on-one each day. My favorite trip travels along the eastern coast from the southern states to Rhode Island. I always look forward to preparing amazing southern inspired dishes for the passengers. I enjoy the opportunity to incorporate regionally inspired cuisine: infused with the favors of each port we visit."




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