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Like Cruising On Your Friend's Yacht

When you take a small ship adventure, everything's different

You’re joined by fewer than a hundred people. And more often than not, they’re people just like you. They’re looking for something more personal than the big ships can offer. On a Blount Small Ship cruise, we bring that feeling of "home" to passengers the moment they step onboard. After 50 years, we are a family business that realizes the value in sharing an adventure with people that feel like family and friends.

 Small Ship Cruising Kayaks & Bikes

Every part of your cruise is simply more personal

You’ll dine in a single sitting with an open seating plan, giving you the freedom to meet your fellow travelers. Want to go exploring in your own way? Just grab some snorkeling equipment, or sign up for kayaking or biking. It’s that simple.

Small Ship Cruises

You’ll be cruising with people who share your thirst for adventure

Which means the people behind the scenes become more than just smiling staff members. They’re experts on less traveled waterways. Your traveling companions. And your fellow explorers. When you share a corner of the top deck at sunset, you’re sharing it with a friend, not just another stranger among thousands. When you need something for your cabin, you ask Sarah, not “housekeeping.” After all, when you share the fun with a few new friends, instead of the big crowds, you make any vacation better.



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