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Our Small Ships Are Built Differently

Cruise Under the Lowest Bridges

Blount Small Ships have been built with the purpose of bringing travelers to places that larger ships simply cannot go, with patented designs that allow our ships to slip, with inches to spare, under the lowest bridges on a canal, and fit through tight transit locks. It was all thanks to Luther’s invention — the Retractable Pilot House. 


Walk From Ship to Shore 


Luther wanted easier access for passengers to swim, snorkel and enjoy beach activities. So he wondered: what if there was a ramp on the bow? Then he could just nudge the ship right up onto the beach, giving his guests a direct path. It was the first glimmer of what would become the Blount Bow Ramp, an invention you see on our ships today.

Small Ship Cruising Kayaks & Boats


Dock With the Yachts

Perhaps his most amazing feat was the shallowness of his ships' draft. The draft refers to how far below the waterline the lowest part of a ship is. Amazingly, after years of perfecting his designs, all of the ships in our fleet have drafts of less than seven feet. So, even though they can hold 83 passengers, glass bottom boats, kayaks, and a whole lot more, our ships can clear obstacles that would stop other ships in their tracks. 


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