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May 29, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should

Visit St. Andrews This Summer


The summer calls for a time of relaxation and recuperation after a long and tiring winter. For those looking for a beautiful and exciting getaway this season, Blount offers a special Nature Cruise from Maine & New Brunswick. Saint Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada invites you to explore all it has to offer. Here are five reasons why this Canadian treasure is the perfect destination for you to visit.


1. Beaches

Saint Andrews has been coined with the nickname “Saint Andrews by-the-sea” for good reason. This charming town is surrounded by miles of sparkling blue waters met by a stunning coastline. Katy’s Cove beach is among one of the most popular places to visit in St. Andrews because of its breathtaking view of Passamaquoddy Bay. The water warms up during the summer and is perfect for a swim and the sandy shore is an excellent place to lounge under the sun. Let the warm waters wash over your feet as you take a walk along the soft, golden sand or simply sit out and enjoy a book while listening to the waves gently meet the shore. 


2. Gardens

Bursting with color and the sweetest floral smell, Kingsbrae Garden is easily one of the most beautiful areas in St. Andrews. Hundreds of plants and flowers bloom during the summer and create a picturesque backdrop for a quiet stroll along the paths that wind throughout the facility. The flowers are in full bloom typically starting in mid to late June so the summer season is the best time to visit this picturesque destination. 


3. Whales


The warm weather is not only attractive to humans, but the most majestic mammals in the sea are drawn to it as well. For an even more immersive experience with the waters of St. Andrews, whale and dolphin watching tours are available during the season. These graceful marine animals frequently make appearances and provide a magical experience for spectators. An expert will accompany you on your tour and help you to learn more about these gentle giants as you make your way across the waters. 


4. History

For a trip back in time, the St. Andrews Blockhouse is rich in history and an ideal location to view the ocean while also learning about the building’s significant past. Many visitors recommend touring the St. Andrews Blockhouse at dusk in order to catch a brilliant sunset that glistens off of the water. This attraction provides not only an important historical education, it also boasts an impressive view of the waters. 


5. Dining

Saint Andrews offers its guests some of the most delicious seafood in the New Brunswick area. This maritime town is filled to the brim with restaurants that serve fresh seafood daily. From buttery lobster to savory fish and chips, St. Andrews is prepared with only the best seafood dining for its visitors. Outdoor seating is available at many of the restaurants so the summer is the perfect time to relax in the warm, salty breeze while enjoying a delicious meal. Fresh, local favorites are also prepared onboard for a taste of local cuisine that's included in your cruise fare!  

Join us as we visit St. Andrews, New Brunswick this summer! For more about New Brunswick and all the excitement it has to offer, visit tourismnewbrunswickca.com.


Photos have been provided by Tourism New Brunswick.


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