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April 24, 2017

10 Things Every Rhode Islander Knows


Here are some Ocean State facts that only true Rhode Islands know!

1.) You can get from one side of the state to the other in less than an hour.

Rhode Island Small State

A 20 minute drive down the road is considered a road trip. Rhode Island may be small, but it has a lot to offer. Some hot spots in the state include Newport, Providence, Block Island and Narragansett.

2.) Aboard Bay Queen and Vista Jubilee, Bay Queen Cruises were the best way to explore the beauty of the Narragansett Bay from the 1970s to early 2000s.


Engineer, entrepreneur, and explorer Luther Blount started Bay Queen Cruises and also created Blount Marine and American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Lines.


3.) The state is one of the best places to see historic buildings, mansions and homes.

Newport Mansions

In Newport, RI, see the magnificent mansions of the Gilded Age, enjoy the views of the water on the Cliff Walk, and visit The Breakers, the grandest of Newport’s “summer cottages” and a symbol of the Vanderbilt family’s social and financial prominence in the turn of the century America.


4.) There is a big blue bug that sits atop a building off I-95.

Rhode Island Big Blue Bug

The real name of the 58-foot-long, 9-foot-tall mascot of Big Blue Bug Solutions is Nibbles Woodaway. The termite is usually decked out in decorations for special occasions.

5.) Every summer they set the rivers of downtown Providence, RI on fire as thousands gather to watch.

Providence Waterfire

WaterFire is a free public art display of flaming wood braziers that float above the surface of the water during the nighttime.

6.) Bristol, RI is the best place to be during the Fourth of July.

Bristol Fourth of July

Bristol holds the title for the longest running Fourth of July Celebration in America dating back to 1785. To learn more about Bristol's Fourth of July Celebration, click here.


7.) Rhode Islanders know that the weather is unpredictable.

Rhode Island from Above

One day there could be a snow blizzard, and the next day, 60 degrees and sunny.


8.) “Are you wicked hungry? I could go for a grinder.” Rhode Islanders have their own list of vocabulary words and phrases. 

Jimmies RI

Sprinkles are called “jimmies.” Water fountains are called “bubblers.” Narragansett Beer is “Gansett.” The list goes on.


9.) Pronouncing your R’s is optional – people here will understand you. Cah or car?

Car Rhode Island

Leaving out the “R” of a word is all part of the RI accent. 


10.) Rhode Islanders may leave the state, but they always come back because they love it so much!

Rhode Island License Plate

Clean beaches and plenty of places to adventure off to – why would you leave?

Explore these Rhode Island highlights and adventures on one of Blount's cruises! These include Blount's Islands of New England CruiseIndependence Day Cruise, and 4-Day New England Islands Escape Cruise.

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