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August 9, 2016

Blount's 10 Must See’s in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina is a Southern city with a lot to offer, voted the #1 Small US City for five years running. There is truly no end of what Charleston has in store!

1. The Beaches: As Charleston, SC is a city right on the coast, this southern town is home to a number of gorgeous beaches. Relax at one, or explore them all, but they are all so beautiful and welcoming that you may not be able to choose a favorite!

Beach in Charleston, SC

2. Schooner Pride: The Schooner Pride is Charleston’s only 3-mast tall ship. This special ship is modeled after an 18th century coastal trading schooner (a sailing ship with two or more masts). The Schooner goes out daily for a number of fun activities including dolphin sails, sunset sails and other events. Schooner pride is also available for private events and is definitely an adventure you won’t forget!

3. Carriage Tours: Sit back and enjoy while a team of regal horses carry you through a carriage tour of Charleston. Feel the old world charm of being pulled by horses through cobblestone streets while discovering the history and charm of one of America’s oldest cities. There’s almost nothing more picturesque.

Carriage Tour, Charleston SC

4. Magnolia Plantation: A trip to Charleston, South Carolina would not be complete without a visit to a plantation. Specifically, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens” and South Carolina’s most visited plantation, is a sight every visitor must see! Magnolia exudes a Southern charm and sophistication that can only be achieved after centuries of survival.

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

5. Fort Sumter: Charleston is rich in history, including one pivotal piece of the American Civil War. Charleston is home to Fort Sumter, the fort where the Civil War began when Confederate combatants opened fire on the federal property, causing the rising tensions between North and South to come to a head. A visit to Charleston is not truly a visit to Charleston without traveling to Fort Sumter.

Fort Sumter, Charleston, SC

6. The Museums: A city such as Charleston is bound to have a few magnificent museums to check out. Luckily, the museums in Charleston provide a wide variety and are sure to interest almost everyone. If traditional museums are not your style, stop by the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum for a hands-on approach or the Calhoun Mansion, the largest private home and house museum in the city! Other great museum options include The North Charleston Fire Museum & Educational Center as well as The Charleston Museum, and more! Charleston is so full of history that an abundance of museums is only fitting!

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, Charleston, SC

7. The Pier: Luckily, along with Charleston’s choice of beaches comes a choice of piers. Folly Beach Pier is a great spot for just about any activity. Shopping, bird watching, walking, fishing, and dining. Another amazing option is Mount Pleasant Pier, which offers 1250 ft. of fun! Both piers have spectacular views and are must-sees.

Pier, Charleston, SC

8. Hank’s Seafood: Any seafood while on the coast of South Carolina will be delicious, but Hank’s Seafood restaurant is superior by a serious standard. Hank’s has been voted the best seafood restaurant by locals 15 years running! If locals know one thing, it is definitely the best seafood spot in town… no doubt about it.

Hank's Seafood, Charleston, SC

9. 2nd Sunday on King: In a true small town fashion, Charleston loves festivals and town-gatherings. They love them so much, in fact, that on the second Sunday of every month, traffic is completely shut down on King Street to allow for locals and visitors alike to indulge in all the shopping, dining & services they want! What could be more fun?

King St, Charleston, SC

10. Waterfront Park: The expansive Waterfront Park, located in Charleston's historic downtown area is the favorite spot of locals and tourists alike. True to its name with a view of Charleston Harbor, visitors at Waterfront Park can watch the passing sailboats as well as a beautiful Southern sunset. The park also hosts splash fountains for a fun way to cool off and beat the heat! Waterfront Park is also known for its distinct pineapple-shaped fountain that many visitors enjoy strolling past while exploring all the park has to offer.

Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC

Charleston is a gem of a city with so much to offer! Explore this city with Blount Adventures.


By Rachel Kampersal

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For a limited audience the CSS Hunley that is currently soaking in a fresh water bath at the former Navy Yard might be of interest.
Russell Preble
August 9, 2016 8:46:11 PM

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